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        Hangzhou lataan choreography of artistic creativity Center of props: props creative choreography performed props carnival costumes, props joints, lantern cartoon props props props commercial promotion, layout scenes, stage sets, sculpture, clay figures bubble lantern lights. Senior choreography props master and the new forces of Fine Arts cooperate. In materials, expression, production steps, and so get rid of. Arts and crafts continue to be the manifestation of the will with the customer to maintain the perfect match. The beauty of the stage props, light, firm, combining the characteristics of new materials with the same techniques to produce a variety of different angles to provide the highest quality products. We have years of experience performing on-site service, maintenance in the field of props, stage setting. Can provide you with the best quality service.

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 Our expertise: creative props, stage props design, performance props design, carnival costumes, Halloween props, stage sets, scene layout, foam sculpture, landscape sculpture, cartoon props, the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival props and stage show props props , show props, making carnival costumes, Halloween props, foam sculpture making, clay sculpture making, the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival props, lights floats made

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